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One hundred years ago there stood an old redwood timber bridge on the Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz, California. The bridge was dismantled and put in storage many years ago. The grandson of the old man who stored the bridge called the local lumber company. The lumber company called me and I drove down to take a look.  The wood was rare tight grain vertical grwoth.  A rare find.  And when you do find it it's very expensive.   I hired a semitruck driver and rented a fork lift and with my crew we stacked the timbers under the cypress tress on my property.  Using my Woodmizer I was able to make thick cuts all the way down to paper thin cuts which I then used to craft some of my art pieces.


Home sweet home.


First we cleared a spot.


We slapped a timber on the Wood Mizer and flipped the switch.


Then we moved the timbers in.


The computer on board makes the job easy.


We stacked and stickered the mighty timbers.


We made cuts anywhere from 4" x 12' for gates to 1 3/8" veneers for paneling.