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Miller of Rocky Creek

Master Builder, Craftsman and Artist



Forty years experience building high-end custom homes, fine furnishings and art. All work done in the homes were designed and hand crafted by me and my team of craftsmen. Working closely with the home owner to design unique one-of-a-kind creations of wood and stone. 


Using reclaimed materials such as wood, barbed wire and various other materials I create works of art.  Some of my art is shown at Ventana Art Gallery in Big Sur, California.  I also do various shows in Montana.



Chief Joseph





Bixby Bridge, Hwy 1, Big Sur California

32nd Scale






The photo above is of an old redwood tree that fell during a storm in Mt. Madonna, California.  The owner of the land  knew I only use trees that have fallen naturally and called me to come take a look to see if I was interested in having it.  I climed on top of this old beauty to get a perspective of just how big it was.




Antler Table.  Made from sheds found in the mountains as elk and deer naturally shed their antlers.